The Ancient Robot From Mexico

“The favorite ancestral robot of housewives and washing machines was assembled over 15 thousand light years ago with parts of ancestral robots and spatial glass pieces; this supreme being is the miracle of his extinct civilization. His planet called "Cumbiatron", a planet full of technology and beings focused on creating a fusion of electronic components and feelings, after a time of scarcity disappears and leaves as a legacy to its son and biggest creation: Oscilador bass, the robot whit heart. His mission and objective, collect music and culture of all galaxies. Afterward traveling and find desolation, he discovers a planet called "Earth", after investigating he finds out it is a civilization full of feelings and love, therefore he decides to establish home there. After centuries of technological and musical learning, Oscillador bass creates a new sound called Latin Bass Sound mixing güiros, cencerros and tumbas with the best spatial sound getting his sole objective: to feel and to transmit happiness to all humanity, fulfilling the desire of their ancestors”

Robotic cumbia on soundcloud

Just do click and get ready to experience a real spatial odyssey, mix a piña colada, put on dark glasses and a good sun block because this being will transport you to a beach full of sun and beautiful female robots.

Ancient robot on mixcloud

Shake your cursor to Mixcloud, put on a 4k glasses, and get the best spatial view never before seen, even Neil Armstrong would wish to be there, fasten to your seat and drink a guava juice because you will access into the more tropical dimension never before seen.

Latin bass mexico records by oscilador bass

LBMR is a Mexican label that promotes existing and upcoming electronic Latin-fusion artists. Our goal is to promote and create the best electronic, Latin-fusion music in the world by creating a musical dialogue among the widest selection of leading Latin American Artists. .